Dingfelder’s Delicatessen, Seattle

Welcome to Dingfelder’s Delicatessen!

We are an authentic NY Jewish Delicatessen. Established in 2018 at the ask of family, friends, and the sheer lack of foods of our heritage. Our goal is to recreate the experiences of old New York on the lower east side. We source the finest ingredients available to produce the flavors, smells, and memories we all look for from a Jewish Delicatessen.

Dingfelder's Delicatessen Food Assortment

“It’s All About The Meat!”

At Dingfelder’s “its all about the meat” Pastrami, Corned Beef, Bubbies Brisket, Glatt Kosher Beef Salami, Beef Tongue, our meats are hand-sliced, stacked high, and, served on rye or marble rye. 2 meat, and 3 meat Combos where you choose our meats. All salads are our own albacore tuna, organic egg salad, whitefish salad, smoked salmon salad, health salad, Coleslaw, potato salad, pickles sour or real half sours, and pickled tomatoes. “Grandma” is our famous Matzo Ball soup she is available every day and loves you from the inside out. All our soups are made with organic vegetables, kosher chicken, and gluten-free except the matzo balls. We have appetizing, hot bagels, Smoked whitefish, Scottish sliced lox, Dingfelder’s in house-smoked salmon,  plain and flavored cream cheese schmears as a bagel sandwich or by the pound.

Come Say Hello

So if you’re looking for sweet kugel, lokshen kugel with onions and mushrooms, the best-chopped livah evah, latkes with our own applesauce and sour cream, gribenes (Jewish chicharrones) Hopefully after you suck down a Dr. Browns cel-ray soda you will say to yourself that was the best damn cheesecake I’ve ever had! We call it the “better than NY NY cheesecake” yes, the recipe is 70 years old. If you haven’t figured it out our secret ingredient is what your bubby, nonna, tante, grandma, ma, dad, puts into the foods they make ……LOVE….so if you are in the mood even if you’re not stop by, say hello, and let us feed you. You look hungry!